[f18] Woke Up Horny Out Of My Mind!!!

I just woke up and I’m feeling a bit freaky. I sleep with minimal clothing on, just my underwear. I’m gently touching my sensitive nipples, giving them a little pinch every now and then. I’m also teasing myself through my underwear, getting a little excited. I grab my small vibrator, about 6 inches long, and … Read more

(FF20s) Sin Becomes Her (Mind Control) (Corruption) (Transformation) (Sci-Fi)

Hello everyone, I have a little something different today. Earlier today, I released my latest work on Amazon. Titled Sinful Echo, it’s the first part in a three-part sci-fi dystopian erotica tale with themes of corruption, mind control, and body modification. I was excited to write it, and am equally excited for people to get … Read more

A Twisted Transformation Chapter Eight (Incest) (Mind Control) (Corruption) (Brainwashing)

Hi guys. I’m edging on Reddit’s char limit (oh the irony) so this’ll be short. Chapter links in the replies! More can be found at [r/LibraryOfCaine](https://www.reddit.com/r/LibraryOfCaine/), Enjoy! Chapter 8 Hannah sat on the bench outside the smoothie shop near the park with her legs crossed. Through the glass door, she could hear her boyfriend talking … Read more

Mind blowing meetup – Forcing a hot Redditor cry by making her cum over and over (TW: CNC)

**\*Warning – this story has elements of consensual non-consent (CNC). Everything that happened here was pre-planned and agreed to, with the necessary safety prep accounted for\*** With that said – Enjoy! \—- It started with texting. She responded to my idea that I was craving heavy, sadistic kink that would leave my partner completely used … Read more

The immigration officer saw my girlfriend’s naked pix and she didn’t mind

A few years ago I was visiting a country in Europe and something didn’t match up in my documents so the immigration officer at the airport called me in for some basic questioning. He asked me to show my ticket and hotel bookings and what I intended to do during my stay. I answered everything … Read more

I keep saying I won’t take risky creampies any more, but I always change my mind in the moment

I don’t want to get pregnant, not right now. It would honestly be a terrible time to get pregnant, but I really can’t say that I’m super careful. As much as I want to avoid getting pregnant, I still love the feeling of taking a hot load of cum into me. Recently, I’ve been telling … Read more

The Peculiar Dangers of Robbing a Mystic (Fantasy, noncon, mind control, hypnotism, humiliation, time freeze, commission)

Tomas had not been home for some time. He was a traveller; a wanderer by nature and though not exactly old, it was true that he was not as young as he had once been. Not for the first time, he considered the possibility of finding an heir. Someone to pass on his art. But … Read more