When I (39f) was in my mid twenties me and my friend (22f) cheated on our boyfriends with her older work mate (45m)

I was allowed to cheat but she wasn’t and although it sounds like he was a sugar daddy I actually paid for the hotel and all the room service for the three of us because I knew my husband (boyfriend at the time) would love to hear about it. Also a new FIFA had just … Read more

Our mid day quickie today

Today when my wife asked what I wanted for lunch, I told her pussy. I work from home so this was an easy proposition. She agreed and we ran to the bedroom. I bent her legs back and devoured her soaking wet pussy, making her cum all over my tongue. She then begged me to … Read more

People seem intrigued when I (39f) post about Jay, the guy I cheated with in my mid twenties and he was very abusive, so here’s the story of the last time I met him

Out of all the stories and pictures I post it’s the posts about Jay that get the most attention so I thought I’d post a story about the last time I saw him properly. This is nowhere near the worst thing he did but it was the final straw which broke the spell. Bit of … Read more

When I (39f) was mid twenties I went to my fuck buddies (mid 30s at the time) to watch football and ended up “losing” a bet and blowing his friend (late 30s at the time) as well.

This happened back when I was mid twenties and I had arranged to go to a fuck buddy Matts house that night to watch football with him and stay the night. He knew the deal with me, that I had a boyfriend but I’m allowed to fuck other people so everything was good there. When … Read more

What I would do to you [M/F] [mid 30’s] [dom/sub] [gentle] [bathing] [bj] [light bondage] [sex] [anal] [cum]

First thing I would do is draw you a hot bath. I need my fucktoy to be squeaky clean. I would shampoo and condition your hair and massage your scalp. Then I would clean your body slowly, emphasizing the lines and curves on your body that turn me on so much. When it’s time to … Read more