Linda [18f] cheats on Max [18m] once she gets to college and meets a mature frat guy [24m]. He checks up on her, but she and her roommate hide affair from the pathetic guy. [cheating][story]Friends with Consequences.

Linda woke up with an enormous headache. She crawled out of bed just in time to make it to class. Unfortunately, her hangover proved much too painful. Not only did she leave her first class early, but she also decided to skip the rest of her classes for the day. In the quiet area of … Read more

Max gets some by shep87

It had been a long day for Christie. Not only did she have to run her kids all around, she also got stuck watching her sister in law’s dog. She didn’t hate pets, but she didn’t love them either. She never had a dog or cat growing up and had never had one since. This … Read more