I (F24) went to happy ending massage parlor for women. Ended up achieving 5 orgasms and getting face fucked by the male masseuse.

This happened on my trip to Bangkok, Thailand. My friend told me about this erotic massage parlor catering specifically to women. She had been there couple of times and said I HAVE to try it. I knew there are erotic/happy ending massages for women, but had never tried one. Since I was in the world … Read more

The masseuse [nsfw] [f18/f18] [lesbian] [office sex] [massage] [oral] [fingering] [ fictional]

This is I’m first time writing something like this would love so feedback Izzy did as instructed and got on the table, feeling a little excited, being in only a towel. Beths hands set to their task working on her shoulders and down her back. Izzy could feel all the stress and built up tension … Read more

After seeing her friends get naughty massages, Monica (25f) is jealous and desperate to get her turn with the shy Asian masseuse (23f). She ends up getting edged so hard she drips all over herself as she goes home. Returns the next day to finish. [lesbian][massage][asian][latina]

“Why does everyone get a turn with Jane except me?!” The frustration built up as Monica walked around her apartment. “I want a sexy massage from Jane!” she said to herself. “Ashley gets a massage and a spanking from her. Veronica gets SEVERAL massages from her. When will it be MY turn?!” The short Latina … Read more