Don’t judge a book by its cover (about a man who was known to always cum early)

Something so unexpected happened to me recently. They say you should still judge a book by its cover and that was true in the case. It was a typical Saturday night at a party with my girlfriends. We laughed, danced and enjoyed the evening. But suddenly the mood took an unpleasant turn when a group … Read more

Regina 19 An older man was driving me crazy, so I sucked him right during a movie in the theater, and I had to swallow his cum because there was nowhere to spit it out

It happened a year ago when I was 18. My friend couldn’t go to the movies with me, so I was alone, and I was sitting next to this old gentleman, he was wearing a very expensive perfume, it was driving me crazy, he was also looking at me very often and couldn’t take his … Read more

Fiancé arranges for me to blindfolded and fucked by a mystery man in a mall bathroom

Recently, my fiancé, Alex, set up a hookup for me and another guy. I was blindfolded throughout, so I never saw who it was. The mystery man (MM) ended up fucking all three of my holes, and our session ended with my fiancé joining in to DP me. I still do not know who MM … Read more

I (19F) Made A Taken Man Cheat

One Beautiful warm Friday morning I had no classes and was getting picked up by my roommate’s parents to spend a 4 day weekend with her family since they lived closer and otherwise I would just be alone all weekend. It was a last minute decision to go with them. This year as a freshman … Read more