Campus Booty Call [M4F]

It’s 0:35 am. I am still awake as I prepare my food for tommorow, wait.. for today actually. Then my phone rings. It’s a message from you. “I need help” I panic. Damn, what’s going on? Are you ok? “What’s happening?” “I am drowning” you reply immediately. Damn. What the fuck? Is that some joke? … Read more

[M4F] Payback is a Bitch [tease] [switch][msub] to [mdom][Fdom] to [Fsub][toys][edging][orgasm]

(Originally posted on Medium) I warned you that there would be payback. I would exact my cruel revenge, But you just kept toying with me, tied to the chair, cock ring tight around the base of me as I was throbbing like a filthy pornographic heartbeat. My swollen, red flesh dripping as you teased me … Read more