My girl opened up our relationship and I am loving every second of it

So here’s the context. My girlfriend and I have been dating for over 3 years now. We are in a stable, healthy relationship, both sexually and emotionally. Recently, she got an admit in a university abroad and had to move there. It’s been over 8 months since she moved. We slowly found the right frequency … Read more

Loving Nurse Care.

Being in the hospital for the removal of my tonsils, I was somewhat embarrassed, being 23 years old, it made me feel like a 5-year-old. The damn things gave me no trouble when I was a kid, then at 23, they swell up like crazy. My surgery was scheduled for the next morning, so I … Read more

Wife loving the ass play

Kids are gone for a couple weeks, we get to make uninterrupted noise. She’s on her back Big C tits out legs spread. I get to licking. One finger in playing with the G spot. Licking the clit. My other fingers are pushing on her ass. “Put one in…. OHHH FUCK YES” Then I got … Read more

I’m (F24) having an affair with my boss’s husband, and I’m loving it!!

Weirdly enough it’s not my first affair with an older man. I swore I won’t do it again. Not because I feel guilty. Again, weirdly enough I don’t. It’s the fact, i almost, emphasis on the almost, fall in love with them, even though I know they don’t/won’t love me back. It’s the weird moment … Read more

My cock loving aunt

I am Raja, an Indian. I am now 25, but when my sex life started I was only 18. I have a medium sized cock of 8 inch with big balls and more cum Let me elaborate my experience with my cock-loving cum-slut aunties. We used to live in joint family system where the families … Read more