Life as a breeder: Breaking in Dina 2

To read part 1 of this story click here: ———————————————————————— My second time with Dina was far more thought out and planned. This time she would come down to me and we would just get straight to business. However the circumstances were also far different. Once again we chose to have fun in her … Read more

I (M37) hooked up with a co-worker (F35) and had the best sex of my life

It was early September 2023, and Jess and I had been working on the project for nearly two years. It was one of those big digital transformation jobs, replacing a bunch of legacy systems with an all-in-one unified database. I was the permanent employee with overall responsibility for these systems, and Jess was a consultant … Read more

My Wife My Life – 8

My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 8

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous part so you can enjoy this better… Vicky was unloading the bags while Ramesh stayed back telling me to enjoy with Vicky first. I said “time is very short because I need at least thirty minutes with him”. Melvin was at the reception … Read more

Unveiled Desires: My Life with Walter- sugarsissy [21M / bi / desi ] [toyboy] [gay] [bottom]

Reflecting on my journey with Walter, I’m transported back to the exhilarating nights spent in his company, where pleasure and humiliation intertwined in a dance of forbidden desires. Walter, with his commanding presence and insatiable appetite for dominance, led me down a path of submission that I had never dared to explore before. Our encounters … Read more