Old flame, new fantasies brought to life

Old flame series continued… After our (M27, F26) first encounter (Rekindled), our sexual relationship opened up and flourished. We openly discussed our fantasies, likes, dislikes. During the week days, i would literally ‘research’ porn, save my cum, so I could do different things to her, cum huge amounts, and take full advantage of this experience. … Read more

Best sex in my life!

I was out with a friend once, we were riding in the car and when it was late we went to my place to watch a movie and have something good. It was cold so we lay under one blanket and pretty close together to keep warm. Suddenly I felt something pushing me from behind … Read more

Life of Stephanie – Chapter 8 and 9

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[F] A broken shower for two turned into one of the wildest and most wet dripping fucking and cumming sessions of my life

My brother, Mark, and I have always been close, probably closer than most siblings. We’re twins, so that might explain part of it, but I think we just got along well. We’d bicker and fight, like all siblings, but at the end of the day, we were best friends. Even as we grew older and … Read more