Kitchen Face Fucking [Rough Sex] [Humiliation] [Degradation] [Tits Abused]

Chapter 1: The Dining Table When recalling the thought of it, she was amused that she had first thought of him as a timid man when she had first laid eyes on him. He was tall, dark, and handsome in the classical sense, but his eyes were always polite, courteous, and never leering. This was … Read more

My housemate went down on me in the communal kitchen [f]23

When I first started my university degree, I considered myself a modest and relatively reserved small town girl. However that doesn’t mean I was naive. You see, I’ve always been aware of the ‘assets’ I have and of the attention that they attract. Genetically, I’ve been blessed with huge 32DD tits and peachy ass and … Read more

Kitchen anal

M (31) F (30). I got off of work after a long day, couldn’t wait to get home to my wife and daughter. As I walk into the house I smell dinner cooking, hear music playing throughout the house. All are signs my wife has had a decent day. I stroll in do my usual … Read more

(M40s) Quickie in the Kitchen

There’s something magical about that moment when you least expect it and your lover suddenly wants you inside of her. So there I was, about to leave for work. And without warning, while walking past the kitchen to leave, I see my wife bent over the counter, bare assed, with her shorts around her ankles. … Read more

A Wolf in my Kitchen

I was at the butcher block at the center island, carefully slicing the ginger into transparent sheets with my wicked sharp blade. The others were all outside at the pool, and I was happy, alone in my kitchen, working in perfect concentration in a pool of light from the overhead spot. Someone had come in, … Read more