James and step-daughter Lily

James and Lily had a complicated relationship, one that had developed over time. James was not only Lily’s father figure but also her stepfather. The two had a deep connection, one that went beyond the typical parent-child bond. It started innocently enough with James comforting Lily after a nightmare left her shaking with fear. As … Read more

Before the Storm, pt. 23, “It was as though James was only just getting started all over again, but I was a shaking quivering mess, my poor pussy sore from the relentless pounding James had already promised and delivered.”

The wonderful thing about BNB’s that everything is made with thought and purpose… like the built in bench on the opposite side of the shower. I pushed James on to the bench, and even though he was sitting, he was giving me a standing ovation. As the hot water soaked my soft skin, I lifted … Read more

Erotic stories like Cheerleader’s torment by James Dawson

I love stories which have a reluctant, blackmail humiliation theme. Stories which instead of focussing on sex, focusses more on humiliating moments. Stories by James Dawson like Cheerleader’s torment and Reluctant Filmstar have been my all time favorite. I have also loved Aubree First Apartment by Doc Sexaday. Can anyone make recommendations for similar stories?