An unexpected scenario resulted in a sexy wife being shared by her husband and fucking a big cock (Hotwife)

*This is a first time hotwife experience story where both the wife and husband are respected and enjoy the situation. Hope you like it.* []( Here is a snippet from the story: After 5 mins or so, Em looked over at me and smiled, then went back to reading. She placed her hand on my … Read more

I was so excited during my first threesome with two bulls that I splash squirted on my own face while my husband watched.

We were at the hotel getting ready for a “regular” session with my bull, when my husband said that there was a surprise. I’m always nervous before a hookup (a good thing), but at that moment it was next level. I quickly downed my drink to calm my nerves, but before I could regain my … Read more

When her husband suck me

Hy guys I’m back with a new story of my meet a couple. The story start wit a social media app. I meet them on that app.some of mother we do sexting.then we Think to meet and having fun.that couple ok to meet me. Husband told me of her wifes fantasy. That was she wanna … Read more

I (f36) was mad at my husband (m37)… so I video called him with just my pussy on show…

Yesterday was a strange day, I was mad at my husband over some boundary breaking… he had to go away for the night with work… After I had relaxed in bed watch Brigerton, with a vodka and Pepsi max I decided to really annoy him… first I video called him with the phone pointed at … Read more

My (29) first orgy with my husband (29).

Some background: My husband (29M) and I (29F) have been together for while and have both fantasized about playing with other people. Some basics about us: I’m bisexual, and he’s heteroflexible. He’s 5’11, White, athletic build with dirty blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. I’m 5’5″, C-Cups and a small but cute ass. (Insert smile … Read more

I have hidden cameras in my bedroom to satisfy my fantasies of catching my husband wanking.

I know it’s a total invasion of privacy but I can’t help my self. I have always had a fancy of catching my husband mid wank. When he thinks I have left the house and starts to get him self off my ultimate kink is to walk in on him mid stroke and him have … Read more