The Princesses in the Tower – Chapter 8, Part 1 – Roberta [Maledom][Male supremacy] [Humiliation] [Les][Uncomfortable territory] [Dubcon] [BDSM] [Spanking][Plot heavy]

**Roberta** And then there were three. I was rolling over in the middle of the night, and after looking around, my eyes fixed on the curved lines of Sylvia’s hips and bottom. She had thrown off the blanket in her sleep. She was still wearing panties. My groping hand took advantage of the free access … Read more

The Game of Debts: Part 8 – The Breaking of a Brat [F19/M45/F45/F18/M55] [NC, BDSM, Blackmail, Petplay, Slave Training, Humiliation, Mindbreak]

The third room had her walking through hoops. Literally. Well, crawling was more accurate. She found herself staring with mounting horror at a track of colored hoops, obstacles and tunnels, as she was led out of her cage. The French bastard took her leash in one hand and led her all the closer with a … Read more

The Peculiar Dangers of Robbing a Mystic (Fantasy, noncon, mind control, hypnotism, humiliation, time freeze, commission)

Tomas had not been home for some time. He was a traveller; a wanderer by nature and though not exactly old, it was true that he was not as young as he had once been. Not for the first time, he considered the possibility of finding an heir. Someone to pass on his art. But … Read more

Kitchen Face Fucking [Rough Sex] [Humiliation] [Degradation] [Tits Abused]

Chapter 1: The Dining Table When recalling the thought of it, she was amused that she had first thought of him as a timid man when she had first laid eyes on him. He was tall, dark, and handsome in the classical sense, but his eyes were always polite, courteous, and never leering. This was … Read more

The Princesses in the Tower – Chapter 7, Part 5a – Barbara [Maledom][Male supremacy] [Humiliation] [Spanking][Plot heavy]

*In the memory of Armita Gerevand* **Barbara** The good thing about being pregnant is that when you suffer from self-talk, you can tell yourself (ha, ha) that you are speaking with your baby. You are making your problems seem insignificant. You are grateful you are never alone. You are starting to tell the first fairy … Read more

The Princesses in the Tower – Chapter 7, Part 5b – Barbara [Maledom][Male supremacy] [Humiliation] [Spanking][Plot heavy]

Continuation from part A Zita´s face was drained of the tiniest drop of blood – her features blurred on the white mask around her eyes. The perspective of the lunch inevitably agitated me, but this was supposed to be the climax of my engagement. I took Michael´s hand about a turn from the lounge. He … Read more

Swallowing Cum Slave Training: Practicing with Milk (non-consent, slave, humiliation)

This is just a test run, my first post. I will post more if you want, but just posting this snippet since i’m not even sure if anyone else would be interested in this. ♡ \– Ami’s heart dropped as she listened to your orders. She felt a heavy sense of dread wash over her, … Read more

Submitting Together, Part 1 (FMM, Bi, DubCon, Anal, CumPlay, Humiliation)

In my early twenties I worked nights at a dingey little dive bar. It wasn’t the best job, but I needed the extra income. City living has never been cheap. Plus, it was nice to work with my boyfriend when our shifts aligned. Caleb was behind the bar and I did table service. On Fridays … Read more

Submitting Together, Part 2 (FMM, Bi, DubCon, Anal, CumPlay, Humiliation)

[Part 1]( —– I kept kissing Caleb while he softened inside me, trying my best to ignore Bill’s fingers, which had come alive and were now curiously exploring between us. When Bill pulled Caleb’s mostly flaccid cock from me I had to squeeze to keep my boyfriend’s cum from sneaking out after it and making … Read more