Walking around the house with no panties on next to my stepbrothers turned into fucking my wet and dripping pussy session

As time passed, I found myself attracted to Jack and Tim, my stepbrothers. They were both athletic, handsome, and constantly radiating a certain masculine energy that got to me more than I’d like to admit. Initially, I brushed it off as harmless attraction. After all, they were handsome young men, and I was an energetic … Read more

My friend’s husband (M28) used me (F19) like a fuckdoll while I stayed at their house overnight after a party

Last weekend I stayed overnight after my friend’s birthday party and her husband took advantage of that situation. When the whole party finished and everyone went home, I was hammered and could barely walk straight. My friend was already asleep and her state was even worse than mine. The only half-sober person was her husband. … Read more

Strangers in my house

I got home from work one day to see a guy probably in his 20’s sitting on the sofa. When I asked what he was doing there he told me he was waiting for his girlfriend who was in the bedroom trying some clothes on for a party his and his girlfriend were going to. … Read more

I sucked my boyfriend’s dick in my house while my parents were home. they don’t know about him at all.

my dad would murd3r me if he knew i had a much older non asian bf…. this was abut 2 months ago.. well. basically they were supposed to be gone all day because of my dads dental appointment… i had already planned everything out, my bf would come over an hour after they left and … Read more

Three way at the house party

After sexting for ages we finally agreed to meet at a house party. We both knew we were going to fuck but the added social excitement and alcohol just heightened the sexual tension. Each time we looked at each other we both had fuck me eyes. With just one look I knew she was already … Read more

I (F24) lost a bet and sucked off two guys in front of 12 people at a house party.

This is one of my university adventures. We had a house party watching the 2018 World Cup finals. It was France vs Croatia if I remember correctly. The party was not too big – somewhere around 15 people. Everyone got very drunk and most of us ended up playing games like spin the bottle, truth … Read more