My boyfriend is the best. He let me stop by at my ex boyfriend’s house for playtime. I spent hours with my ex, sucking him, fucking him, and even getting filled with cum by him. My bf waited at home to clean me up afterwords.

Okay so after work I was feeling insanely horny and I knew I needed to be fucked for hours. Longer than my bf can fuck me for. I needed something BIG inside of me too. I told my bf that I was considering stoping by at my ex bfs place on my way home. He … Read more

I (F18) fucked finally got to seduce him at a house party

The pounding music reverberated through the crowded house party drowning out everything except for the electricity crackling between us. My heart raced as I spotted him across the room, my crush, looking irresistible as ever. As our eyes met, a surge of desire coursed through me urging me to make a move. I approached him, … Read more

[f18]Watching My Cousins Mascular Friends While Helping Them With The New House Moving Made Me Squirt Like Crazy!!!

Earlier today, I assisted my cousin in moving into his brand new house. He, along with his wife, daughter, and himself, had recently relocated back to our hometown from across the country. To make the process easier, he enlisted the help of two strong and muscular friends, one of my brothers, and me. Our task … Read more