Hot Tubbing with my Sister-in-Law (part 3.5 – Vanessa and Cassie)

I think I ripped you all off a bit, so here’s a better description of what happened when my wife’s sister brought over her gorgeous friend. (If you’d like to read the first parts of the story, you can find them here: [part one](, [part two](, [part three]( The sweet taste of Cassie was still … Read more

Hot tub party [F19]

We recently installed a hot tub by our outdoor pool. We are in a four season climate and were excited about the prospect of spending time in it during colder nights as well as just the overall relaxation part of a hot tub. From day one, this hot tub seemed to be an aphrodisiac for … Read more

Lovely hot eyes – Part 4

Lovely hot eyes – Part 4 Takumi[M19] sucked them harder and harder every second that passed. He then move his right hand to the inside of my bottom part my bikini. He teased my clitoris while still sucking one of my boobs, I[F19] couldn’t control my moans do to how good I was feeling. Then … Read more

My wife will always be so hot

Hello! How are you guys? My name is Francisco, and my wife’s name is Catarina. We are both 32, and we are from Amadora, Portugal. We met in high school, and since then, every single day, my wife is getting way more beautiful. Btw, English is not our first language, so sorry about some errors … Read more

Me and My Best Friend Had a Wild Threesome the First Week of College and Fucked a Really Hot Guy (FFM)

This happened about a little over a year ago in the fall of 2022. Me and my best friend, we’ll call her L, went to the same school. We were both invited to a party the first week of school, L was a little hesitant to go because she was still dating someone and didn’t … Read more