I have a 7-year sexual desire relieved in the back of a jeep with a hot blonde

TL;DR – The title 🙂 Yesterday I met with a gorgeous blonde for dinner after matching last week on Tinder. Full disclosure, we did have 1 date about 7 years ago, but soon afterwards, things fizzled out; to my absolute frustration. On the first date, we got a little hot and heated. First in her … Read more

I [f] was tasked at my conference opening reception to go pantiless under my dress. It felt so secretly slutty and hot so I did it all week.

I travel for work, so when I’m away alone, I’m given tasks to complete – check in to the hotel braless, plug myself in the airport, flirt with strangers at the lobby bar – all slutty things that make me afraid, yet so incredibly turned on. So when I left last week for an out … Read more

Steaming Hot Train Hop

Running for the tube train from the airport, we jam in, breathless, with hundreds of other passengers off the red eye into Heathrow. It’s 35 minutes in this hot metal tube ricocheting into the dark, so you shift to get your back into a corner hanging onto the overhead straps. You pull me to you, … Read more


I knew guys she fucked before I ever dated her. She knew several women I had and often ask me if there was any woman in town I had missed. I in turn usually say the same back to her about men. I was 30 and she, Jo, was 23. Small, petite and very flirty. … Read more