Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 9 – The Family Tree – part 2/2 (villain uses supernatural powers to possess and control a family in their home to get sick and extreme vengeance) [M30s/F30s/f18][NC][Mind Control][Mdom][Bondage][Food][Lac]

**Don’t start here! Start at Chapter 1!** **See the “Welcome” post pinned to the top of my profile for links to more chapters to this and other stories.** ​ *In this final chapter, still possessing husband, the villain makes the girls clean each other, then binds them in a unique position by the fireplace, punishing … Read more

Welcome home

I pulled my carry on into the house and pet our dog as she wagged her tail happily. I walked into the house and was surprised to see my wife Kate was in the kitchen and still awake. She was wearing a white t shirt and pink panties. I could see a nipple poking through … Read more

Cum Home to Me [Rape, Psychological, public, humiliation]

“What is the last thing you remember?” asked the officer towering over me. Eyebrows raised, he peered at me with no urge to write anything down. My ripped clothes exposed my chest and his eyes wandered, returning to mine each time I caught him. The last thing I remember is the metallic taste in the … Read more

18F Petite Muslim Girl – I Recently Left Home To Attend University – Bought My First Vibrator!

I grew up in a very very small area in Pakistan, with an exceptionally strict pair of parents. 3 months ago, I moved to Amsterdam to begin my 3-year courses at a school here. This is my first time away from home. My first time being out of earshot of one or both of my … Read more