The Odd Predicament of Grant and Christie. *Do not read if you want the happy ending.”

Christie and I went to bed and laid there. I said, Don’t worry, Peg is going to be our advisor on this. We should do whatever she says. We shouldn’t question it. Peg is the real deal. She won’t steer us wrong. Whatever she says is what we should do. Well, let’s hope removal from … Read more

A happy ending

Years ago I use to get massages. After my first experience of getting happy ending, I started wanting to keep on getting massages. However I couldn’t really go get one whenever because my ex was living with me. After some searching around I found a massage parlor near where I lived. I use to wait … Read more

The happy victim

[Part 1]( All the fear, crying and tears were gone from Mia’s face, now she as wrapped around my leg, looking up at me, begging “please please please let me cum, fuck me please” I took my phone out, recording it all, I made sure to get the part where I spit on her face, … Read more

The happy victim

Exactly 90 days ago, Mia told everyone one a anonymous sex site about her cnc kink, I dmed her, we discussed, and realised we both live kinda nearby, for a bit nothing happend. I made sure to get her to lose the idea of us ever meeting. 3 days ago. I drove over to her … Read more

“Happy Anniversary, Honey” A night at a swinger club that ended in a hot MFM

Here’s a quick note from the author: I enjoy showing off my body as well as the creations of my mind, so I include images of myself for all of my stories. You can read the story and see the images that go along with it at: []( ​ \————————– ​ A few weeks ago, … Read more

My happy family 17

The steps get closer to my room before they stop *knock knock* Me”….yes…” Mom” can I come in?” Me”… ok…” The door opens and mom my is walking inside still in her morning robe, she sits by my bed Mom” hey… so I think we need to talk..” Me”mom… please do we really need to..?” … Read more