Your Naughtiest Stranger Fantasy Hooking Up With A Hung 9.5” BWC guy

30 year old experienced hung dom here (9.5’’ and very thick). 6’1 with green eyes, brown hair and a very athletic body. As a hung guy, have always loved word of my size getting around and have been incredibly aroused by women who know what they want and go and get it. Recently I have … Read more

Best Sex Ever Guy – 2nd Date

I’m out at a bar when I get your message. My heart races with excitement just from seeing your name in the notification. The message reads: “I’m picking you up, go to the bathroom and remove your panties” Immediately I go to fulfill your request and the return to the bar. My skirt is so … Read more

My First Older Guy

I (F20) had been dating on and off and it was always guy my age. For the most part the sex was good but they just never took things to serious. So when I turned 28 back in March I joked that I wanted an older guy just for sex. I didn’t want a relationship. … Read more