Night guest

She awoke with a start. Something had woken her from her dream and she was disappointed. She sat up and looked round the room. The nights glow could be seen through the blinds. As her eyes adjusted she could see nothing unusual. The foot of the bed came into focus as did the Shays in … Read more

[MF] Cruise Ship Worker’s Exhibitionist Experience in a Guest Cabin; Wingman Gets Fired!

I decided to start writing up some adventures from my “other life.” Years ago, I had worked on cruise ships, which resulted in five years of of sexual experiences with fellow crew and many guests. Since my previous post about hooking up with a guest got way more attention, I decided to post another guest-related … Read more

Wedding guest (Taylor)

Taylor came to me one morning after the pool party and mentioned about an upcoming wedding she and her ex rsvp to before well they split thanks to me. She mentioned that a friend of hers from high school was planning on coming up for the wedding and she was hoping the friend could spend … Read more