Alabama girl

I have true stories about my dad, my stepdad, my brother, the janitor at my high school, my dad’s friends and a few more. DM me and tell me which one you want to hear. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll rub myself while I tell it. Who knows, you may even get some pics. No … Read more

Grandpa’s Girl – Chapter 1 [M63/F19] [Age Gap] [Slow Burn] [Caught]

Wilfred Dewhurst was an old man. Not exactly ancient or ‘past it’, but undoubtedly he no longer had the vim and vigor of his more youthful years. Now in his early sixties, he sat on his sofa, newspaper in hand, sipping milky tea from an old battered mug adorned with the logo of his favorite … Read more

The girl next door part 2

It’s finally the weekend and Kate promised me she could stay for the night today! I’m really excited! she told her mother she’s staying with her friend Jessica so we’re good on that front 😉 For the last few weeks we’ve been texting a lot! Like crazy horny bunnies, sending each other dirty texts and … Read more

The girl next door

So I’m Jack, I’m just a regular guy, I work at an architecture company, and it’s been a hard and long day at work. I live in the first floor of a 3 story apartment building in a quiet neighborhood I come back home, and just throw myself on my bed. It’s like a cheap … Read more