The Gift

1 Charlotte’s day was not going as she’d hoped. She’d arranged to leave early but something came up last minute and she’d had to sit in on one of those godawful, interminable Zoom meetings for an important client. She had planned a lovely relaxing massage in the spa before dressing for dinner. Now she’d have … Read more

Graduation Gift

“CONGRATULATIONS XASSI!!!!” The words ring in my head as I look around at all the familiar smiling faces. My mom’s teary eyes, my dad’s proud toothy grin, and the same handful of adults agreed upon years in advance by my parents. An awkward but “safe” mash-up of extended family, close enough work colleagues, and a … Read more

Best Birthday Gift Ever – Part 5

[Part 1](, [Part 2](, [Part 3](, [Part 4]( After getting back from dinner, Stella lounged on the couch while I prepared the harness and other paraphernalia. I was smiling to myself as I was lifting the mattress and tucking in the straps underneath. We have decided on the way back to the hotel that we … Read more