GF’s friend and me!

This one is weird but it was a weekend and I got a call from my girl’s friend that she wants to go out. My girl was out attending some family function and this friend in question was single. We had met a lot of times together, partied together, but never just me and her. … Read more

I (M27) sucked a guys dick while he looked at my gfs (F33) nudes on my phone

While I’m not openly gay/bi, I went through a phase where I wanted to explore my submissive side. I was always dominant with my girlfriend and she was always submissive to me, so I knew there was no chance of getting her involved. I watched a lot of gay porn and searched through Craigslist for … Read more

Gfs mom

My gf (Sam 23) mom (Beth52) (fake names for obvious reasons) is divorced and always lonely. Beth is the type of mom who is completely open with their kids (walks around in long shirts, talks about sex life and masturbating) She is dating an ugly old man. She’s short with a great body (she works … Read more

Update with gfs mom

Other day A little background: I’ve always been into milfs. Before my gf and I got together I strictly only dated older woman. My gf (Sam) is home from law school (we’re currently in long distance till she graduates) so we’re together most of the time, either at her house or mine. Beth (my gfs … Read more