Hotel fun!

So yesterday, my wife (31) and I (28) went to a concert and decided to stay at a hotel that was next to the venue. We got our room, had dinner, then went and enjoyed the concert. After we got back to our room, we relaxed a little before I took her to the bed, … Read more

I felt the pleasure build inside me, decided to let my boss join in on the fun

One day, while we were working in his office, I couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. I found myself getting turned on by his presence, and I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each passing second. As we continued to work, my mind began to wander, and I started to imagine what … Read more

Car fun last night

I’m a partially disabled guy with nerve damage. It’s very difficult for me to perform or hookup due to that and my own anxiety regarding being judged. My cock really can’t maintain an erection due to the nerve damage. I was looking at the whisper app and came across a post about being someone’s birthday … Read more

Fun With Freda, Part 7. The Finale -[M55] [F53] [F52] [F35] [M35] [M26] [Oral] [Group Sex] [Orgy] [Bondage]

T and W stood in the living room, taking in the scenery. M was on the screen in the full cry of orgasm, her moans filling the room as Freda thrust a dildo into her pussy. Blondie lay back on the couch giving a shy wave, her tits splayed across her naked chest, her short … Read more

I cop some fun (FMM)

This was back when I was almost 30. It was a warm summer night when, even after giving myself a couple of orgasms I couldn’t sleep. It was about 2am so deciding to go for a walk was an easy choice. I knew what London at night was like, so put on a really thin, … Read more

Fun with Freda, Part 6 – Saturday Night -[M55] [F53] [F52] [F35] [M35] [M26] [Oral] [Group Sex] [Orgy] [Bondage]

The rest of the week flew by as we prepared for the party (See Part 5). M was a tornado, creating a menu, trying new appetizers, ensuring we had good wine in the cabinet, and getting cleaners in even though she kept a spotless house. The bedroom d├ęcor was checked and rechecked, plants were dusted, … Read more