I (30f) had an emotional orgasm after I was sorta hate fucked by my bf (31m) when I said he sucks in Super Smash

My bf and I have been playing Super Smash Bro’s together and I finally kicked his ass today. Not just once, not twice, buy I beat him three times today! He’s usually so good but I’ve been playing more and I showed him how awesome I am!! Well, when I won the third game I … Read more

Part 1″ I fucked the girl that worked as the evening entertainer for the guests at a hotel I was staying at

had booked a two week holiday in Turkey with a girlfriend but we broke up months before the trip. Luckily we hadn’t paid even half the amount owed so just cut our losses and forgot about it. I still liked the idea of the holiday so I decided I’d go on the holiday Solo. If … Read more