Married (29f) Going to surprise my husband’s friend tonight on Valentines day by letting him fuck me in the Ass

So my husband’s really close friend Josh just had his girlfriend break up with him a few days ago and is pretty down . My husband told me he invited him over for drinks tonight after we have our Vday Dinner together . Not even going to tell my husband my plan yet but after … Read more

My Best Friend Was My Best Fuck

I was the studious girl with cat eye glasses when we met. The very definition of a good girl. He was the goofy guy with ADHD. It was ninth grade and we soon became inseparable. We were fixtures at each other’s houses. Even though he sometimes drove me nuts, Steven was my best friend. It … Read more

Last night my boyfriend listened to me fuck my sneaky link.

We were actually going through with it. The thought of it gave me butterflies in my stomach but also made me feel incredibly excited. Ever since I met Kevin, I couldn’t deny the intense chemistry between us. But I was in a committed relationship with my boyfriend, who I loved dearly. Yet, something about sneaking … Read more