Double penning my incest girlfriend CHAPTER 2 [Father/Daughter/Mother Incest] [FMFM] [Foursome] [Breeding] [Double Penetration] [Throat fuck] [Humiliation]

The chapter 2 is here! Happy start of the week everyone <3 \—————– &#x200B; “I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t nice to see you.” Luke’s hand was resting on Alisa’s cheek as they began making out. With their tongues dancing together, and bodies melting into each other, all that was left was … Read more

I broke up with my bf of three years because he was cheating on me, less than a week later I let him fuck my ass

So this took place when I was 18 and freshly broken up with my long-time boyfriend. He was a year older than me and when he was at college he was fucking other girls behind my back. I went to his house to fuck one last time before breaking up with him. I broke up … Read more

I recorded how I suck and fuck two cocks and sold the video online 18F

There’s something about being watched that gets under my skin. The way the camera lens seems to penetrate my very core, the knowledge that every thrust and moan is being recorded and preserved for eternity… It’s both exhilarating and terrifying. And yet, there’s also a strange sense of power in it. Like I’m in control … Read more

Me and my bf invited a random stranger over to fuck me. I was blindfolded the entire time and wasn’t allowed to even see what the man looked like. He filled me with his cum and then my bf cleaned me up after. So hot.

Okay so this is something that my bf has always wanted to see happen and we finally did it. The plan was for my bf to be sitting down in the corner and just watch the entire thing happen without saying anything or participating in any way at all. Okay so this might just be … Read more