My Tomboy Friend

During my first semester in college, I became really good friends with a girl who I considered more my buddy than a girl. She was always wearing jeans, snickers, a lose t-shirt and a ponytail with a trucker hat. Her style never turned any heads, but I was not blind to the fact that she … Read more

(Part 3) Her friend sat in the front seat for protection while we fucked in the back seat [MF]

If you’re caught up with the story, you can skip the recap Recap so far: I was talking to a college sophomore and she asked if I were ever in town, if we could fuck. Given her limitations, we had to fuck in my car in the university parking lot. She brought a friend to … Read more

Rubbing with best friend

This was a couple of years ago back in high school and our hormones were firing up. At that time, we didn’t know that both of us were addicted to masturbating and kept it a secret until this day. It was a normal school until me and my best friend at the time decided to … Read more

Just found out my best friend and ride to class has been jizzing in my morning coffee he gives me.

I (19f) heard it through the grapevine so to speak, my BFF, who we can call Sarah. Is dating my ride’s (Jack) best friend (Trevor, but he’s not important) From what I heard Jack was bragging to Trevor after class how he’s not horny often because he unloads in the coffee he’s given me every … Read more

I convinced my boyfriend to let me jerk off his friend, but did a bit more than that [26F]

It’s still really long, but it’s worth the read I think. I told my boyfriend about jerking my friend off, and showing my boobs to a delivery guy. He was conflicted, and mad, but I told him I was just doing what he wanted. Which was to be more adventurous and slutty. So he knows … Read more