I (20f) just rode the old bastards (56m) cock while he watched football.

Be me, trying to wean myself off of being an obvious sex addict, 3 days abstinence and hating it. Fwb walks into the pub, teases a little, flirts a little. I tell him I’m going cold turkey, he snorts and goes “yeh sure”. I’m gonna be strong I’m not gonna give in this time. “Thats … Read more

Away Football Game Trip

Last weekend I (F20) went away with my boyfriend (M20) and his three buddies to see our football team play. Yup, the whole deal…fly there, get a hotel, go to the game, get gang banged, fly home. So the whole gang bang thing: our team won the road game and we all had some increased … Read more

I had sex at a football game

We are at this Baltimore Colt-Minnesota Viking football game, and it is very cold. Four or five of us are huddled under a big glen plaid blanket. Suddenly we jump up to watch Johnny Unitas running toward the goal. As he races down the field, we all turn as a body, wrapped in our blanket, … Read more

Well Endowed Football Player Continues His Physical Exam With Gorgeous 45 Year Old Doctor and Stunning Nurse

(Part 2) Nurse Jill was was surprised that Dr. Thao was taking so long with a standard physical. The physician was usually prompt and punctual with her patients, always respectful of everyone’s time. She was more surprised thought about how shaky her voice was when she yelled that she was finishing up a physical. “She … Read more

A Well Endowed Football Player Receives an Especially Thorough Physical From His Gorgeous, 45 Year Old Doctor

Dr. Thao was a gorgeous doctor in her mid-40s who had built up quite a reputation for herself over the years. She was well known in town for her excellent practice and bedside manner. Patients always felt at ease and reassured by her demeanor and warmth. She always had a smile on her face while … Read more