Your Naughtiest Stranger Fantasy Hooking Up With A Hung 9.5” BWC guy

30 year old experienced hung dom here (9.5’’ and very thick). 6’1 with green eyes, brown hair and a very athletic body. As a hung guy, have always loved word of my size getting around and have been incredibly aroused by women who know what they want and go and get it. Recently I have … Read more

The Peculiar Dangers of Robbing a Mystic (Fantasy, noncon, mind control, hypnotism, humiliation, time freeze, commission)

Tomas had not been home for some time. He was a traveller; a wanderer by nature and though not exactly old, it was true that he was not as young as he had once been. Not for the first time, he considered the possibility of finding an heir. Someone to pass on his art. But … Read more

My Fantasy with boy toy

My boy toy looks so yummy as he sits there playing on his games. I would normally let him be but this is my fantasy. I am naked and crawled over to him so not to block his gaming. He grins I tell him keep playing. I grab the waist band and pull his shorts … Read more

A little fetish fantasy

The sexiest thing about you right now? The fact that you’re tied to a chair, hard, and begging me to make you cum. But this isn’t about pleasure, not your pleasure at least. I’ve been edging you for what feels like hours and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. I guess you should … Read more

Ghosty week Pt2 [MF Fantasy]

My tip became swollen as her tongue began to overstimulate my tip. Every lick sent electricity up my spine. My breathing became heavier as I slowly started to lose rationality and my lust was taking over. Even looking at her pure black eyes didn’t detour me from enjoying it at its fullest. She was definitely … Read more