I have hidden cameras in my bedroom to satisfy my fantasies of catching my husband wanking.

I know it’s a total invasion of privacy but I can’t help my self. I have always had a fancy of catching my husband mid wank. When he thinks I have left the house and starts to get him self off my ultimate kink is to walk in on him mid stroke and him have … Read more

Old flame, new fantasies brought to life

Old flame series continued… After our (M27, F26) first encounter (Rekindled), our sexual relationship opened up and flourished. We openly discussed our fantasies, likes, dislikes. During the week days, i would literally ‘research’ porn, save my cum, so I could do different things to her, cum huge amounts, and take full advantage of this experience. … Read more

Cuckold fantasies

I got home from work and Sam, my girlfriend, was still out. She told me she was bringing her ex home tonight for dinner. She had been needing him at his place a couple times a week for the last few months, but he still lived with his mom, and she wanted him to come … Read more

Teacher owns his student’s throat in the restroom and tries his undiscovered fantasies on him. (Gay)

It was another exhausting day at school which the only invective was my hot 39 years-old jock English teacher (let’s call Mr. Jan). His lesson went by boringly, but having the chance to look at his meaty, muscular body made it clearly better. Since I hold my piss to the last lesson and the vivid … Read more