(47F) My boss’s pregnant wife (28F) came on my vibrator…and then on my face

After fucking my boss for quite some time, I was finally able to hop in bed with his wife this week — and she’s been like a pining girlfriend ever since, texting me constantly, wanting to get together again. She’s in a bad spot. Her husband has been fucking me more than he’s been fucking … Read more

I was so excited during my first threesome with two bulls that I splash squirted on my own face while my husband watched.

We were at the hotel getting ready for a “regular” session with my bull, when my husband said that there was a surprise. I’m always nervous before a hookup (a good thing), but at that moment it was next level. I quickly downed my drink to calm my nerves, but before I could regain my … Read more

Face fucked

I love giving blowjobs. Nothing turns me on more than feeling a cock pulse in my mouth. The way I can make a man moan and shake, the way I can feel a cock grow in my mouth, it drives me insane. But lately I’ve been exploring BDSM. Last night a guy tied my arms … Read more

I (F24) went to happy ending massage parlor for women. Ended up achieving 5 orgasms and getting face fucked by the male masseuse.

This happened on my trip to Bangkok, Thailand. My friend told me about this erotic massage parlor catering specifically to women. She had been there couple of times and said I HAVE to try it. I knew there are erotic/happy ending massages for women, but had never tried one. Since I was in the world … Read more

Kitchen Face Fucking [Rough Sex] [Humiliation] [Degradation] [Tits Abused]

Chapter 1: The Dining Table When recalling the thought of it, she was amused that she had first thought of him as a timid man when she had first laid eyes on him. He was tall, dark, and handsome in the classical sense, but his eyes were always polite, courteous, and never leering. This was … Read more

I jerked off onto my friend’s face while she was sleeping and I think she seriously doesn’t know it happened. [M/F, Sleep Play, Dubcon]

It was a pretty typical Friday night for me. I met my small group of friends at the Low Blow after work for happy hour. A few cheap as fuck drinks turned into increasing incoherent banter as we swapped between games of pools and lamenting about our neutered love lives. Eventually, we caught the Red … Read more

Watching the ValCam porn channel. The girl had her face blurred out and a guy was masturbating her. Val and I broadcast.

As usual I’m checking my daily porn. Same old search. Amateur, homemade, real. I find a woman masturbating in a car. Her skirt’s up some guy comes by and sticks his hand in and plays with her tits and fingers her. Then she sucks him off. If you knew Val at all you’d recognize her … Read more