First Happy Ending Experience

A few weeks ago I went to Thailand backpacking for a few weeks with 4 friends. (I’m M27 for context) Went to the usual spots and we were finishing our trip in Koh Samui. Continuously throughout the trip we joked about heading for a Thai massage with a happy ending but nothing serious. Sexually I’m … Read more

Matilda’s Island Adventure (Part 2 / 5) – [F25/M25] [Anal] + [F25/F25] [First Time Lesbian Experience]

We woke to beautiful sunshine streaming through the window, and the sounds of Amanda and Mike fucking again next door. Smiling I rolled over to hug Joe, and soon we were passionately kissing and fucking too. I was on my knees, with Joe taking me from behind, his hands on my breasts, teasing my nipples, … Read more

First FFM experience at 18

The night club brimmed with sensual rhythm as the crowd swayed to the hypnotic beat. The strobe lights illuminated the bodies intertwined on the dancefloor. Drenched in sweat and desire, the atmosphere screamed of primal instincts. Our group found ourselves standing together amidst the sea of human motion. From the moment we stepped foot in … Read more

My First Lesbian Experience

This was years ago. I was much younger and spent the summer at my aunt’s house. They had a nice place with a pool and a hot tub. They were never around and I had the house pretty much to myself. So one Saturday morning, I invited my best friend over. Let’s call her Ally. … Read more