Dripping wet

I was away on a business trip. Happily married but horny as fuck as I’d been away 2 weeks. Joined a dating site and chatted to a few ladies. A French lady remessaged me and asked what i was up to on a Sunday afternoon. She said she had been visiting her mate but that … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.7 – A Box, Ties & A Dripping Gag [F22/F22] [enf] [bondage] [gagged]

Still blindfolded, arms bound behind her and guided by Kelly, Sakura walks across the BBQ area. They come to a large container, a similar size to a trunk freezer, the lid has been removed and there are metal hoops at the bottom of each inner corner. Kelly unties Sakura’s blindfold and arms, lets her flex … Read more

Walking around the house with no panties on next to my stepbrothers turned into fucking my wet and dripping pussy session

As time passed, I found myself attracted to Jack and Tim, my stepbrothers. They were both athletic, handsome, and constantly radiating a certain masculine energy that got to me more than I’d like to admit. Initially, I brushed it off as harmless attraction. After all, they were handsome young men, and I was an energetic … Read more

[F] A broken shower for two turned into one of the wildest and most wet dripping fucking and cumming sessions of my life

My brother, Mark, and I have always been close, probably closer than most siblings. We’re twins, so that might explain part of it, but I think we just got along well. We’d bicker and fight, like all siblings, but at the end of the day, we were best friends. Even as we grew older and … Read more

I was dripping with my brother’s cum in front of my parents after confessing to him about my feelings

Growing up, my twin brother and I had always been close. We shared everything – birthdays, toys, secrets, even our room till we were teenagers. We’d both turned 22 last month and still, our bond had only grown stronger with time. Everything was normal until last week, when I discovered some tool on the internet. … Read more