Watching lady and her dog

Growing up our scout troop was selling candy to raise funds. I was going door to door soliciting candy sales. Sometimes I would find the owner in the back yard so when they did not answer the front door I would walk around to the back and see if they were doing yard work or … Read more

I [25f] allow a sweet college student [20f] to dog sit for me. She keeps texting me, giving me compliments, and admits she has always wanted to be with a woman. I eat her out for taking such good care of my apartment and dog. [lesbian][first time][true story]

Unfortunately, as I grew older, the more invested I became in my career, the more I ended up needing to travel. This should have been fine for a young single woman like me, but I had a very young dog at the time, and it wasn’t like I could take him everywhere I went. Growing … Read more

I had a sleep over with a gf during semester break and she revealed to me that she would let her dog eat her out

Me and a old HS friend stayed in the same dorm at our college, a few hours away from my home town. We were extremely close but we had started getting closer at college bc we had known each other before. We had been on semester break for a few days when she texted me, … Read more

The Dog Days of Samantha Carter (BDSM, Bondage, Noncon, Petplay, Implied drug use, Commission)

“You got the money?” Samantha Carter crossed her arms, doing her best to look intimidating. She was aware that that was a big ask. Her red hair was frazzled, and her skin was pale. Her eyes were ringed with shadows and her body was shaking. Trembles of withdrawal pulsed along her veins like tiny shots … Read more