How I [F45] discovered my sexuality (Part 7 of 8) – [5xF25-50/5xM30-60] – [Sex party]

Chapter 7 One morning after the school run, I was in bed with Dave. He’d just fucked me senseless, and we were cuddling as I leaked his cum all over my sheets. “So,” he began, gently swirling his finger around my exposed nipple, “I’ve been invited to a party at the weekend, and I wondered … Read more

How I [F45] discovered my sexuality (Part 8 of 8) – [5xF25-50/5xM30-60] – [Sex party]

Chapter 8 After thirty minutes or so, people started coupling up again and making out. I was chatting to Danny, and soon we were getting very close and cuddling on the sofa. He’d fucked me hard from behind in the first round of sex while I had been sucking Dave’s cock, but we hadn’t really … Read more

[M37] I discovered that I like sharing nudes of my girlfriend with my best friend.

I have been with my girlfriend for over 10 years. we have always had a very good sexual relationship, honestly I am clearly not to complain and rather happy from that point of view. everything is fine. we have developed strong intimate pleasures, we know each other well and we trust each other. for example … Read more