Kitchen Face Fucking [Rough Sex] [Humiliation] [Degradation] [Tits Abused]

Chapter 1: The Dining Table When recalling the thought of it, she was amused that she had first thought of him as a timid man when she had first laid eyes on him. He was tall, dark, and handsome in the classical sense, but his eyes were always polite, courteous, and never leering. This was … Read more

Is this the right place to get feedback on my (very) rough draft of a story? C/w non-con, rape, degradation, some military/war themes

Thank you all so much for reading! So, I’m picturing an elected president of a country. She’s relatively young, pretty, says all the right buzzwords, modernizes the country, but, when some people move forward, some people are left behind. It’s just how it is. However, when those people are disproportionately represented in the military, well, … Read more

Shelly’s degradation Part 1 [M39/F28] [bdsm, d/s, pet play, submission]

Shelly’s degradation Me, a working independent woman, I have spent 28 years of my life building my life, gaining respect of men and women, leading and getting ahead of most men. My husband comes in one day and tells me he has gotten into trouble with some bad folks. I, being the stronger personality, tell … Read more

Yes, My Lord [maledom femsub BDSM degradation bondage torture serial story M37 F35]

**Part 1** I change out of my street clothes and then I sit on the edge of Pharos’ large bed, waiting for him to walk in and the scene to start. He keeps me waiting as usual, and I am hyped up by the time the door swings open. We haven’t done much together yet, … Read more

I [37M] took a 21F to Starbucks with my cum in her hair. Luckily she has a degradation kink with that coffee.

Long story short we are kinky friends who hook up occasionally. We wanted some public play so I picked her up in a nearby carpark and we went for a drive. Within 30 seconds I was teasing her pussy. He didn’t take long until she was struggling to keep her composure. We had aimed to … Read more

By the Way, May I Call You “King?” [warning: sadism/ masochism, degradation, rape]

“Not usually a name I’m called. But I guess that could be hot. And what would you like me to call you? I usually call my subs ‘bitch,’ ‘whore,’ ‘slut’ or ‘cunt.” “Ooo..” Jackpot. Been looking for this guy. “Will you call me ‘cunt?’ Please?” “You like being a worthless cunt, do you?” I can … Read more

the tinder date ch 2 [degradation] [humiliation][forced][CNC][foot worship][whipping][abuse]

after the 20 minutes of silence, with his foot still on mine and his slaves back, he moved the leg that was on my back and placed it on the floor next to me, then without looking, pointed at his exposed cock and told me to clean it up at this point my back was … Read more