The short break. Chris and Molly decide to spice their holiday up with help from a friend. Part 1.

Chris met Molly when they were both still at school, young, innocent and inexperienced in life. They ended up getting married to each other in their early twenties which was a bit of a shock to some friends and family. They are now in their early forties and still happily married. Many of their friends … Read more

[F] You decide if I’m a little bit of a slut, according to my husband. [25F]

I’ve been dating someone for a while. Nevertheless, setting all of that aside, I must ask your opinion, hehe. You may be aware from reading any of my prior writings that I frequently end up in legal trouble without him knowing. My girlfriend and I no longer communicate for a variety of reasons, but she … Read more

You [M] and our Bull decide that I [F] should give a little servitude…

We spent most of Saturday morning running errands. Picking up something from Best Buy, looking for shirts and pants to add to our work wardrobe, and shopping for a new rug for the living room. After finally finding one we both love, we rewarded ourselves with some milkshakes and decided to head home. Instead of … Read more

If Ever You Decide to Cum Around Again… This Pussy Will Let You In….

Yes, I’ll let you in. Resisting your soft, seductive touch, your sweet and lustful kiss, your unforgettable, lustful scent is no longer an option. Three years ago, our journey into our deep (so fucking deep) connection began. Without a doubt, when our naked and lustful bodies merge together, when your hard cock is deep inside … Read more