“Follow Me Into the Forest” an autobiographical piece about sex in the woods on a misty winter day.

Here’s a quick note from the author: I enjoy showing off my body as well as the creations of my mind, so I include images of myself for all of my stories. You can read the story, and see some of the images that go along with it at: https://lilaember.com/2023/04/22/follow-me-into-the-forest/ . Enjoy. \——————— There’s a … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.5 – Bound, Fed & Insertions [F22/F22] [enf] [cum play]

The BBQs smell amazing, searing food wafting across the deck. Everyone starts gathering around the two girls. Kelly unties Sakura’s legs slowly, unwrapping this present for the crowd but leaving the blindfold and arm bindings in place. She helps her friend up to her feet, turns her around and bends her over the small table, … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.6 – Crowd Sourced Orgasms [F22/F22] [enf] [cum play] [resisting orgasms]

“This game is simple, guests versus Sakura. For every plate of food you finish, Sakura gets a random buzz through her vibrator, from ten to thirty seconds long. She just has to hold in those balls you kindly gave her earlier. Every ball she drops is ten minutes in the sin bin, Bon appetite!” The … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.7 – A Box, Ties & A Dripping Gag [F22/F22] [enf] [bondage] [gagged]

Still blindfolded, arms bound behind her and guided by Kelly, Sakura walks across the BBQ area. They come to a large container, a similar size to a trunk freezer, the lid has been removed and there are metal hoops at the bottom of each inner corner. Kelly unties Sakura’s blindfold and arms, lets her flex … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.9 – Climaxes & Relief [F22/F22] [enf] [bondage] [gagged] [anal]

For the first hour Kelly is all nerves, listening to her friend writhe in the box. Tied to the corners by wrists and ankles, she was covered in food with only her knees and face left exposed to the warm sun and cool breeze. The hot sauce from a vindictive Madison must still be burning … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.8 – Covered In Food [F22/F22] [enf] [bondage] [gagged] [fsub]

Kelly stands back up, watching Sakura writhe in pleasure. Bound inside the box, Kelly’s wet bikini bottoms serving as a gag, she looks vulnerable and submissive. A welcome change thinks Kelly, as some dark thoughts surge through her mind. Sakura normally looks so confident, even bound in most predicaments. This time, she looks like a … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.2 – Preparing The Idol [F22/F22] [bondage] [enf] [temptation]

Briefed on the first games, Kelly takes a moment before starting to prepare her friend. It’s still early in the morning but the sun is already beating down on the pool loungers, the water already looking inviting. She helps disrobe Sakura, watching the soft fabric slide off her tanned and firm skin. Saks elegantly lowers … Read more