Don’t judge a book by its cover (about a man who was known to always cum early)

Something so unexpected happened to me recently. They say you should still judge a book by its cover and that was true in the case. It was a typical Saturday night at a party with my girlfriends. We laughed, danced and enjoyed the evening. But suddenly the mood took an unpleasant turn when a group … Read more

Regina 19 An older man was driving me crazy, so I sucked him right during a movie in the theater, and I had to swallow his cum because there was nowhere to spit it out

It happened a year ago when I was 18. My friend couldn’t go to the movies with me, so I was alone, and I was sitting next to this old gentleman, he was wearing a very expensive perfume, it was driving me crazy, he was also looking at me very often and couldn’t take his … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.5 – Bound, Fed & Insertions [F22/F22] [enf] [cum play]

The BBQs smell amazing, searing food wafting across the deck. Everyone starts gathering around the two girls. Kelly unties Sakura’s legs slowly, unwrapping this present for the crowd but leaving the blindfold and arm bindings in place. She helps her friend up to her feet, turns her around and bends her over the small table, … Read more

Sakura’s Games – Day 1.6 – Crowd Sourced Orgasms [F22/F22] [enf] [cum play] [resisting orgasms]

“This game is simple, guests versus Sakura. For every plate of food you finish, Sakura gets a random buzz through her vibrator, from ten to thirty seconds long. She just has to hold in those balls you kindly gave her earlier. Every ball she drops is ten minutes in the sin bin, Bon appetite!” The … Read more