Gorgeous Accounting Professor Gets Thoroughly Pleasured by Well Endowed College Hunk During Office Hours

It was another day at the university, and Professor Singh had just finished her last class of the day. She made her way to her office, feeling tired but satisfied after a long day of teaching accounting. As she entered her office, she saw one of her students sitting in the waiting area outside her … Read more

Our Daughter (20) brought a college friend home to us for the weekend

Our 20 year old daughter brought a new friend home for the weekend from college Our daughter is gorgeous and her friends often are too ….this one was no different We will call her Aria. She walked in with my daughter wearing short skirt and baggy top but I could immediately tell she had thick … Read more

My best friend and I hook up for the first time at our college send off camping trip.

My best friend Theo (23M) and I (23F) have known each other since high school, but were never really friends until we suddenly connected again in university. It turns out we both needed to take a certain biology class in our freshman year, and we happened to be in the same section and began a … Read more

Indian Massage for Straight College Student [Gay] [M19, M24] Part 1 of 2

It was the last day of my freshman year in college. Finals were done, I had passed all classes miraculously and there was relief and excitement in the air. Some were going home for the summer, some were finding living arrangements, some were planning parties and excursions – camping, mountain biking, rock climbing trips. I, … Read more