His dad caught us

I went to my boyfriend’s house for the weekend while his parents were away. We were both feeling frisky and ended up in the living room, where I was bent over the couch getting ‘pounded’ as my boyfriend went all out. I was so into it that I didn’t notice everything, but out of the … Read more

I didnt know he caught us

When I was 22 I was going out with this lad and one night we was at his house while his parents were out. We was having sex and the night went great. I ended up ending the relationship with him few months later. Anyway years later I got a friend request off his dad … Read more

Got caught today

My friend came in and I had the red set on. He had been waiting for a week. He was ready the moment he saw me. I made him stop and watch while I finished taking pics. Someone had asked for pink toy at a different angle. I got it out and made him stand … Read more

I got caught banging my mom’s friend at a festival – Part I. [M20] [F43] [Public] [Cheating]

There was this three-day summer festival in my town, which took place in August and was a total madness, the kind of crazy shit that you barely can see around here: an insane amount of people – mostly ones in my age and teens – and different programs all day long, juicy burgers and hot-dogs, … Read more

I(M21) caught my aunt(F45) cheating on my uncle 2 years ago and she sent me nudes to keep my mouth shut. UPDATE 2

Read my previous posts for better clarity. So the day I have been expecting had come. My hands all sweaty, heart beating faster and my breathings heavy. That’s how it felt while I rang the bell of my Aunt’s house. She opened the door with a hot and somewhat naughty smile on her face. I … Read more

I (F24) caught a guy jerking off in his car. Offered help, but something unexpected happened.

This happened fairly recently. I was going back to my car through an underground parking lot after grocery shopping. As I got to my car there was an SUV parked next to me and I noticed some movement. There was a man stretching his T-shirt over his crotch and as I glanced through the window … Read more