Fingering is a car

Some clarification at the beginning: X- is a boy I have pretty erotic and chaotic relationship , but we were not together (we weren’t a couple) Y- is a friend of X It happened a few years back. I was at the party with my friends (X & Y), but in the middle of the … Read more

Back when I [39f] was 21 I had sex against a car with my fuck buddy [25ish m] while my friend [21f at the time] stood and watched [mf]

Bit of a quick story but I was out with my friend Becky earlier and she reminded me of it. I was 21/22 when this happened, she was the same age, I was with my husband (then boyfriend) but he likes me being naughty with other people and that’s how I met the guy who’s … Read more

I (F24) caught a guy jerking off in his car. Offered help, but something unexpected happened.

This happened fairly recently. I was going back to my car through an underground parking lot after grocery shopping. As I got to my car there was an SUV parked next to me and I noticed some movement. There was a man stretching his T-shirt over his crotch and as I glanced through the window … Read more