Conference Call

You’re standing behind your desk in your sprawling private office. Door locked, as you’re in a conference call with business partners, not to be disturbed. The frosted glass window beyond the luxurious seating area ensures extra privacy so you can focus on your meeting. Your strong sexy voice commands the respect of others when you … Read more

[F] “You can’t call me names”

It’s 10pm, Valentine’s dinner is done and the kitchen is cleaned. Hubby(36) and I (34) are in bed when he starts to complain about not being able to sleep. I leaned over and say “I can help with that” and start kissing, sucking and licking him. Kisses on his lips, his nose, suckles and licks … Read more

Wake Up Call

Back when I was in my early 20s I had a FWB named Michelle. She was a BBW – huge tits topped with light pink almost ghost nipples and a really nice big ass, shoulder-length eyes, pale skin, and the most amazing blue eyes. To this day she was one of my all time favourite … Read more

“The call “

A rainy night you get a text from me “ I’m right outside “ you been waiting all day for it and the rush of excitement tingles all the way to your toes. You run to the door to let me in but notice I have a book bag with me. I tell you don’t … Read more

They call me Feather (part 1)

Hey folks, my name is Feather, well actually it’s Heather but anyone who has known me for years now calls me Feather. I’m 19 turning 20 in August. I moved out of my house to be with my then boyfriend Eric (25) [From now on known only as Fuckface] three years ago. I left behind … Read more