She even brought me pizza!

My ex was a very sexual person, who cheated on me while we were “ on a break”. Lol. For years we’d send dirty pics to each other after our split and she’d tell me how she fucked up and wished she could get back with me but I wasn’t interested in a relationship with … Read more

Our Daughter (20) brought a college friend home to us for the weekend

Our 20 year old daughter brought a new friend home for the weekend from college Our daughter is gorgeous and her friends often are too ….this one was no different We will call her Aria. She walked in with my daughter wearing short skirt and baggy top but I could immediately tell she had thick … Read more

Old flame, new fantasies brought to life

Old flame series continued… After our (M27, F26) first encounter (Rekindled), our sexual relationship opened up and flourished. We openly discussed our fantasies, likes, dislikes. During the week days, i would literally ‘research’ porn, save my cum, so I could do different things to her, cum huge amounts, and take full advantage of this experience. … Read more

Sexual Revolution – When my Chinese Ex and I Brought Things to the Next Level

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement for my first [two]( [posts]( I appreciate the compliments and the fun of reminiscing on these experiences. I got a couple of requests to post more and expand on past relationships (mainly my college Chinese ex), so last night I poured myself a drink, went down memory lane … Read more