Blood aunt

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Prepared for a new life pt.1 (NonCon) (FMMM+) (Drugs) (Toys) (Blood)

As the cocktail of drugs injected into her kicked in Issy took the initiative with these men. No longer reluctant, her civilised veneer vanished as primal needs overwhelmed her, returning her to a natural animal state. Some of the group mauled her ripe tits, biting and pulling on her thick nipples as she groaned with … Read more

Prepared for a new life Pt.2 (NonCon) (FMMM+) (Drugs) (Toys) (Blood)

The machine (if that’s what it was) sensed cunt and started its work, to change. A toothed nub formed, reached out and attatched itself to her clit and started pulsing, vibrating and suctioning. A seperate nub started to form, growing into an enormous inhuman dildo, so thick and long it put Danny’s horsecock to shame. … Read more

Prepared for a new life Pt.3 (NonCon) (FMMM+) (Drugs) (Toys) (Blood)

Please read Pts 1 and 2 first Izzy groaned as the movement caused the dildo and plug inside her ass to move. At the sound the brute carrying her reached back and spanked three times, his hard touch making her squirm as the toys pushed deeper, causing the dildo to push out against her belly. … Read more