New Milf on the Block

Y’all know I like Milfy’s. Where I live it’s lots of young couples so when a Milfy moves in it’s a delicacy. I’ll keep our ages secret. You can guess. Milfy for this story is Bev. I met Bev at the grocery store. She was likely a 9 when she was younger now the sun … Read more

The girl down the block

So a couple years ago I lived down the street from this girl. At the time I was 15 and she was about 13 I was in no way shape or form attracted to her. The way she would carry herself though I always would say “that’s gonna be a future slut” wrong to say … Read more

Tinder on Block Island

Fourth of July week on Block Island… Block is a utopia of nonstop summer party. Food, beach, booze. For the last 30 years I have loved this place, and I wouldn’t miss it. There is no way to keep this short… Every day the ferry brings boat loads of people. Literally. They filter off the … Read more

Block Island

A couple of Labor Day weekends ago… but recent enough and still a great story. I’ve been going to Block Island for the last 30+ years and I guess the newest trend is the Friday wedding. Sitting on the beach Saturday mid-morning at Ballard’s, I watched these two early 20s girls dragging luggage across the … Read more

Around the block

It’s late at night and I’m up chilling and drinking. I send you a text saying “ what that mouth do”? You reply back “pull up and I’ll show you with a drop location”. So I sent back “I’m on my way”. As I was driving you sent me a teasing video you shaking your … Read more