My Big Titty Goth Roommate Ch. 03 [FM][Mommy Domme][Cum Play][Breeding Kink][Edging][Denial][Owned][18+]

“That’s it, baby boy, fuck me harder! YES! Just like…THAT! Pound your mother’s greedy, wet pussy! Fill me up! That’s right baby, fill your mother up with all your hot, nasty cum! Do it! Do it now! Give me!” My face contorted in desperation as I watched Jessie Bell ride her “son’s” cock on my … Read more

My wife and my big sister

I remember this one time, my wife and I decided to take our usual adventures a step further. We’re both close to 40, comfortable in our own skin, and have always been pretty open about experimenting. It’s this shared curiosity that’s kept our flame alive through the years. Now, my sister has always been part … Read more

big problem

I’m 30 years old latina and have been married for three years. For the past year we have been trying to get pregnant with no luck. This week I just found out that i’m pregnant. Problem is that two weeks ago I attended a conference for my company where I had to stay overnight. That … Read more

Sharing Big Bro’s Monster Cock With My Bestie

“B-Becca, please… Stop..!” I had my lips wrapped around her sensitive little clit, swirling and sucking and teasing. My fingers were knuckle deep inside her tight pussy and Talia’s hips buckled against me every time the pads of my fingertips teased that spongy spot inside her. Her mouth begged me to stop, but her hand … Read more

My Big Tiddy Goth Roommate Ch. 02 [FM][Age Difference][Obsession][Ass and Cum Play][Voyeurism][Mommy/Good Boy][Roommates][Messy][18+]

“How’s my good boy doing today?” I could hardly look up from my cereal in time to receive Alice’s wet kiss on my cheek. “All ready for your big day?” I smiled in spite of myself at the older woman’s affectionate greeting. In the weeks since our first fuck, Alice had fully embraced the paternalistic … Read more