Stayover with Aunt Beth

Austin was still putting his shirt on as he walked down the hallway. He’d gotten in very late last night and headed straight to bed. He was spending the week with Aunt Beth while his parents were going to a training conference in Ohio. Ordinarily he’d have just stayed home, but the house was for … Read more

Dad’s friend takes Beth! [ MF – Old guy/ Young woman]

Beth blinked at her computer. She re-read her mail again. The words didn’t change, as she thought it would. It read, ‘Congratulations! You’re hired.’ Beth clasped her hands together and ran out of her room and hugged her mother. Beth had been job hunting for more than a year after college. It had been an … Read more

Beth n danny by 2kinky

My best mate growing up was Danny,we did everything together, even losing our virginity on the same bed at the same time, me to Beth ‘ Danny’s sister, him to Sophie,we all agreed it was awesome, so everyday after school we would go straight to my house and fuck till my dad came home which … Read more

Beth Pony Girl by beth pgirl

Beth – Pony Girl – In the beginning The old Nevada western town of the 1800’s was a disused movie set with dirt road, wooden buildings, wooden pathways against all the buildings, a jail, a saloon, a general store, barn with blacksmith forge and corral. It was located on large private ranch, The 4L’s, owned … Read more