After providing her coworker a few naughty massages, shy Asian [23f] agrees to come over to the Latina’s [25f] apartment for a more intimate time. She ends up squirting all over her coworker’s apartment after having her own orgasm. [lesbian][asian][squirt][romance]

The next day at work, things began smoothly for both Jane and Veronica. They greeted each other as they walked in and continued being friendly towards each other. Ashley and Monica were respectful to Jane and treated her as an equal instead of an intern. The four girls had lunch together and Veronica paid for … Read more

I [25f] allow a sweet college student [20f] to dog sit for me. She keeps texting me, giving me compliments, and admits she has always wanted to be with a woman. I eat her out for taking such good care of my apartment and dog. [lesbian][first time][true story]

Unfortunately, as I grew older, the more invested I became in my career, the more I ended up needing to travel. This should have been fine for a young single woman like me, but I had a very young dog at the time, and it wasn’t like I could take him everywhere I went. Growing … Read more