Sakura’s Games – Day 1.9 – Climaxes & Relief [F22/F22] [enf] [bondage] [gagged] [anal]

For the first hour Kelly is all nerves, listening to her friend writhe in the box. Tied to the corners by wrists and ankles, she was covered in food with only her knees and face left exposed to the warm sun and cool breeze. The hot sauce from a vindictive Madison must still be burning … Read more

How I was turned into an anal slave by big foreign cocks, the true story from a Chinese slut. [F22]

For most Chinese women, anal sex is much more a taboo than any other kind of sex. Even more so than BDSM, which somehow seem to be almost imbued in East Asian sexual culture. But having a Chinese woman’s anus deflowered and made to gape, especially by a foreign man’s much much larger cock, is … Read more

I (30M) heard sister’s (24F) anal virginity being taken by her bf’s friend (24M)

Since akash started sharing me about them using her infront of her boyfriend me and akash got pretty close. He told me all things they did with her. Slapping her when fucking, biting her in intimate places and also in places she cant hide. I know now why she spends so much on makeup to … Read more

Fun With Freda, Part 5. [M55] [F53] [F52] [F35] [Oral] [Masturbation] [Anal]

As per our plan, M went over to Freda’s candy store Monday afternoon to invite her for dinner the Saturday next. I was working on installing a video camera in the back bedroom so that I didn’t really notice that M took a long time to accomplish this task. I had gone to the kitchen … Read more